Armed with a Pro7b lighting kit, mobile back-drop stands, a Canon 5D Mark iii and numerous L-series lenses, every location is possible. Whether it be in the comfort of a nice warm studio with all its amenities or climbing to the top of a boat’s mast on the high seas with the wind and rain in my face, my goal will always be to capture the perfect shot and freeze that fleeting moment.


All my images are retouched to the highest of standards. I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve the desired look and feel. 15 Years of Photoshop experience and 2 years of DTP have trained me to utilise the tools to the best of my ability for: colour grading – spot, blemish, wrinkle removal – skin smoothing – object removal/replacement – eye brightening – shape design.


For the moving image I employ the use of a Canon 5D Mark iii camera along with the combined power of the Magic Lantern software and my award winning editing knowledge.  This combination allows me to shoot footage in a RAW format so that I can transfer my colour grading skills onto the moving image, producing a striking look that stands apart from standard videos.


Working together with Pegasus Aerial Imaging, using a 5D mark iii and SkyJib-8 Heavy Lift v2, every vantage point is possible. For aerial stills or video visit Pegasus Aerial Imaging for more details.