Pegasus visit Germany via France, Holland and Belgium

Last week I journeyed to Bilster Berg Drive Resort in Germany with Pegasus aerial imagining to film some footage for Jaguar motors.  An excellent days filming along with some impromptu stop offs along the way.

The Last Harvest Moon of 2014

A very enjoyable evening watching the sunset over hove gardens and the last harvest moon of 2014 rise over Brighton Pier.

Aerial Footage filming for the new Alt – J music video

Take a look at the video released today for alt-J’s new song Hunger Of The Pine with #aerialfilming done by us!!

alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine (Official Video) from Pegasus Aerial Imaging on Vimeo.

What a day we had. After meeting the crew for breakfast we made our way to the location where we were going to be operating from for the day and the outlook wasn’t great, overcast and drizzling. But it wasn’t long before the sun was out on Chorleywood common and we were excited to be there to provide aerial filming on alt-J’s music video for their new single Hunger Of The Pine being directed by the hottest director around at the moment, Nabil!

There was a steadicam and a tracking vehicle for the ground filming working in tandem with our octocopter for the aerial filming. The ‘star’ of the video is a guy called Ashley Holland who is a freerunner from the Storm Freerun team and he worked his socks off all day long, running, jumping, dodging arrows…it was tough for him but he came through and you’ll see on the video above the result of his and the team’s efforts. Not running through the trees and the long grass was our octocopter, high above, making light work of the aerial filming and capturing some stunning silky smooth footage to be cut into the video. Shooting on our 5D mk3 using Magic Lantern at 2.35:1 in RAW the image looked superb straight out of the camera but once the VFX and grading had been done the whole video has been taken to another level with a cinematic quality.

Despite the poor weather at the start of the day we ended up getting roasted but it was worth it, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed working with a talented team. We can get to places that a full size helicopter can’t and at a fraction of the cost. We’d love to help you add value to your next production with our aerial filming expertise, be it a commercial, a movie, music video or corporate promtional video so give us a call.