1R5Z9008 400 x 300For Darren, photography isn’t just a hobby that’s turned into a career. Photography has been his passion ever since he inherited a world war II issue Contax II (as used by Robert Capa) as a child. Since then Darren studied the science of photography as part of a media studies degree at University and has gone on to deliver beautiful work for a host of commercial and media clients. His briefs have varied from sports specialisms and still portraits to landscapes and travel reportage. His work, though varied, is always described as exquisite with his keen eye for capturing the essence of the moment, the truth of the person, or the spirit of the place.

Whether in a studio shooting a simple head shot or hanging out of a helicopter capturing a speedboat racing the high seas, every brief is a challenge, an adventure, and one that Darren embarks upon with equal enthusiasm and determination to deliver the best that can possibly be achieved.